Home Safety and Automation for Seniors

The Tecus System of Home Safety and Automation allows seniors to live independently, longer and with care givers, family and emergency help just a button press away. 

Twenty four hour peace of mind with fingertip controls

Seniors Safety Automation



Keep all walkways clear of clutter and secure or remove scatter rugs.

Install a Smart Mattress Cover  that detects falling from bed.

Install grab bars on stairs, in bath-tubs and showers.  

Install a Home Automation and Security System.


Wear an SOS button 24 hours a day.

Include in the Home Security system, motion detectors, cameras and a monitoring service.

Install a Smart Door Lock that permits access for family or emergency personnel.


Install drape and curtain remote controls, smart lighting switches and motion sensors.

Install a system such as TECUS, that uses a Smart Phone app and provide access for a family member.

Install a moisture detector in the event of water leaks or a burst pipe.


What is a basic Home Automation and Security Package for Seniors?

Home Automation Hub

TECUS Centre. The brain behind the system. Connects all the various components for alerts, alarms, remote controls, video, entry and operation of appliances, lighting, drapes and curtains.

Home Automation

Door Sensor. Can be used for internal or external doors.

Home safety

Motion Sensor. Used to detect unusual motion or lack of motion.

Home safety

Closed circuit camera. Can be used remotely to record video, take still images or record sound. Can also be used as a microphone for family members or care givers to communicate with the senior.

Smart Doorlock

Smart Door Lock. Can be programmed to allow entry in the event of emergencies or lost keys.

Smart Mattress Cover

Smart Mattress Cover. Generates an alert if the sleeper falls out of bed or if there is a bed wetting incident. 

SOS Alert Button. Hangs by a cord around the neck and includes a function in the event a senior is rendered unconscious through a fall or stroke, for example. Can be programmed to alert a nursing station.

Seniors SOS Button
Home Alarm Siren

Siren Alarm. Can be programmed to alert an unlawful entry to warn off an intruder in conjunction with an alert to the monitoring station.

Home Automation Backup

Water / Moisture Sensor.  Detects water from a leaking water heater, a leaking pipe or an overflowing sink.

Smart Theromostat

Smart thermostat for automatic control of heating and cooling of the residence. Can be programmed in a number of ways. Examples include;  comfort while sleeping and energy conservation during absences.

Smart switches for control of lighting and appliances for seniors with limited mobility.

Free Home Automation App

The Tecus App. Full control of your home safety and security from anywhere in the world where there is WIFI or cellular phone coverage.

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